Wood oven HABO 15

Für Großhaushalte und Kleingewerbe

10.595,00 €

Tempi di consegna fino a 10 giorni lavorativi
Codice prodotto: 2/200102
For large households and small businesses
Our smallest from the commercial series is characterized by uniform baking results and flexible installation options. This is always guaranteed even with our "big ones". Thanks to the integrated thermometer - as in all of our ovens - you can insert your baked goods safely and at the correct temperature, and thus have a guarantee of success.
Included items:
Ash scraper 
Bi-metal dial thermometer
Fireplace poker
Heating and baking instructions
Recommended accessories:
Bread peel 
Cleaning brooms
Sheet pan

Technische Daten

Backfläche B x T: 90 x 140 cm
Laibinhalt: 28 Brote
Außenmaße B x T x H: 115x 189 x 134 cm
Einschießhöhe: 90 cm Abgasanschluss (vom Fußboden bis Mitte)
Rauchrohrstutzen: 109 cm
Rauchrohr ø: 15 cm
Gewicht: 1150 kg  


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