Electric stone oven INO 2006/3

Für 45 Brote - für maximalen Bedarf

13.775,00 €

Tempi di consegna fino a 10 giorni lavorativi
Codice prodotto: 3/300063
For 45 loaves of bread - for maximum needs
The 3-level model: Each level can be heated independently and can be put into operation individually as required. The temperatures in the baking chamber are monitored using clearly visible control lights. The full fireclay guarantees the best baking results.
(without frame)

Dati tecnici

Backfläche B x T: 3 x 70 x 105 cm
Backraumhöhe: 21 cm
Backkammer: vollschamottiert
Temperaturbereich: 50 bis 320°C
Laibinhalt: 45 Brote à 1 kg
Außenmaße B x T x H: 95,5 x 136 x 186,5 cm
Etagen: 3
Gewicht: 722 kg 
Leistung: 29,7 kW (3 x 9,9 kW)
Anschluss: 400 V 
Schwadanlage: serienmäßig


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