Electric stone oven INO 2006

Für 15 Brote - Ideal für die Großfamilie oder das Kleingewerbe

5.300,00 €

Tempi di consegna fino a 10 giorni lavorativi
Codice prodotto: 3/300060
For 15 loaves of bread - ideal for large families or small businesses
For large households, gastronomy or the commercial sale of bread and baked goods. The INO 2006 offers space for approx. 15 kg of bread. It is possible to bake several times consecutively. The intermediate heating time is about 20 minutes, after which the oven is hot for the next baking course.
(without frame)

Dati tecnici

Backfläche B x T: 70 x 105 cm
Backraumhöhe: 21 cm
Backkammer: vollschamottiert
Temperaturbereich: 50 bis 320°C
Laibinhalt: 15 Brote à 1 kg
Außenmaße B x T x H: 95,5 x 136 x 100 cm
Etagen: 1
Gewicht: 254 kg 
Leistung: 9,9 kW
Anschluss: 400 V 
Schwadanlage: serienmäßig


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