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electric stone oven Primus


electric stone oven Primus

PRIMUS, the large one
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Our large electric stone ovens for the kitchen
Like all of our electric stone ovens, the PRIMUS is completely lined with fireclay bricks and bakes crispy and juicy food as if from a wood burning oven. And the principle of latent radiant heat is also your guarantee for best quality with this oven!

With its 61 x 41 cm baking surface, in the PRIMUS you can bake up to 5 kg of bread, 20-25 bread rolls, 15 pretzels,
2 plaited rolls or up to 5 kg or meat and much more!

Upper & lower heat can be controlled separately from 50° C to 320° C. With a timer switch to select the beginning of the heating and an acoustic signal at the end of the baking time. After a heating-up time of approx. 1 ¼ hour, the stone plates are hot and you can bake for several hours: start with pizzas or steak, then bread, then cakes or plaited rolls, and some fine biscuits with the remaining heat. A strong partner for your kitchen!

Technical Data

capacity: 5 kg bread dough (6 loaves à 750 g), 20-25 bread rolls, 12-15 pretzels

baking surface w x d: 61 x 41 cm

baking chamber height: 23 cm

temperature range: 50 - 320° C, upper and lower heat controlled separately and continuously adjustable

heating method: Electric/stored heat through fireclay bricks,
wood burning oven effect

Timer switch: digital timer function

installation options: free standing or installation in a 90cm installation cabinet (niche dimensions w x h: 86 x 47.5 cm)

Oven dimensions W x D x H: 84,8 x 58 x 45 cm

weight: 94 kg (103 kg with packaging)

connected value: 400 V / 4,5 kW

power cable: 2,5 m long, CEE-16 A-plug