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Osttiroler household mills

We are grinding.

Mills made by Waldner biotech sport easy--to-use functions, whether opening or closing, grinding or adjusting... All our household and commercial mills can be continously adjusted by simply turning the hopper and determining the gap between the mill stones, depending on the desired fineness of the ground product. A setscres on the side guarantees that the setting for coarseness or fineness is fixed and prevents any shifting of the settings.

The external ventilation screen and the internal ventilator make overheating next to impossible. Safety, therefore, comes first. A "child safety device" in the grinding chamber and a finger protector in the hopper are two more safety features that meet electrcal engineering quality certification standards.


Für Baguettes und Stangenbrote
€ 21,00
(incl. 20% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
Antihaft Brot- und Kuchenform
€ 18,00
(incl. 20% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
Choose a variant
Nature to take away.
€ 155,00
(incl. 20% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
For every taste.
€ 75,00
(incl. 20% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
250 g
€ 5,90
(incl. 10% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
1 kg-Packung
€ 3,50
(incl. 10% Tax./ excl. Shipping)
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