The bodies of our mills are made exclusively of solid wood of locally grown stone pine, alder, beech, ash, or larch. Besides filling the kitchen with a delightful fragrance, wood also has other health benefits, such as being antibacterial. However, the heart of our appliances is made of stone. This mixture of aluminum oxide and ceramic makes the grinding stone extremely robust and thus guarantees a long life and excellent performance, producing anything from the finest flour to semolina to coarse bran.

All of our mills are at the cutting edge of mill technology. They are provided with industrial motors with overload protection. Not only we believe since decades in the high quality of our Waldner biotech products, also our customers. 

Therefore we grant to all our electrical mills and household hand mills 5-year warranty, as well as for crusher and commercial mills 2 year warranty. As a thank you for the trust. For a pleasure that never ends. 


Just better!

Multiple tested East Tyrolean household mill quality.

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