Passion for human and nature.


The core of our expertise lies in producing of high quality grain mills. Thus, the trademark “Osttiroler Haushaltsmühlen” and “Osttiroler Getreidemühlen – das Original” is already established worldwide for more than 25 years and the flagship of our house Waldner biotech GmbH. 

Products of Waldner biotech are found all over the world. Whether in Austria, Europe or Asia, the household or in catering, agriculture or industry. 45 countries. Countless customers. A single achievement. This is the result of more than 25 years of hard work. For the purposes of nature, technology and humanity.

Dieter und Claudia Waldner - Waldner biotech

In everything we do, we focus on just one thing: the people. We have been producing and developing innovative grain mills for household or commercial purposes for more than 25 years to the benefit of our customers.

In the mid-90s full grain could be processed easily into nutritious flakes with our FLAKER. But the market demanded more: in addition to easy handling, the efficiency and safety of household appliances also became more and more important. All electrical household mills were equipped with finger and overload protection as well as a child safety feature.

In the late 90s the agricultural sector showed interest in our products. And asked for a powerful commercial mill. Having a stone diameter between 15 and 150 cm enabled us to provide a grinder which not only met, but actually exceeded the expectations of the time. The mills INDUSTRY and INDUSTRY COMBI were born. The idea of combining commercial mills with flour sifters in just one single device also pleased the entire market. And in particular farmers and organic farmers.

Far beyond the borders of East Tyrol, as well. Being ahead of the curve and as close as possible to the customer. This is what we strive for every day. With all the technological developments by WALDNER Biotech.


Together we are stronger. This has been our motto for more than 25 years. With success and passion for quality of life. That is why cooperation with regional businesses is so important to us. In the production process of our East Tyrolean household mills, we rely on local master carpenter operations and the ISO certified integrative operation “Protected workshop – Vomp,” Tyrol.

However, the completion and final inspection is top-priority and a matter for the boss. These activities take place in-house or on site. Performed by our CEO and master carpenter himself, Mr Dieter Waldner, and his highly qualified professional team.
When selecting the materials, we only take the best of the best as well: solid beech and alder wood and local stone pine wood. This grows from 1,700 meters above sea level. and has various protective functions for humans and nature according to scientific research. Swiss stone pine, for example, supports our health and well-being. Whereas Pine has antibacterial and pest-resistant features. Therefore, the bowls, as well as the storage containers – such as barrels or silos – are made of this magical wood by Waldner biotech. But also experts from the timber industry appreciate the great commercial benefits of our local pine. The larch wood that we use as the case arises in the manufacturing of the mill frame provides even more stability. No wonder the service life of our East Tyrolean flour mills is up to 50 years and more. This pays off for everyone. For both humans and nature.
Our East Tyrolean commercial mills are one of a kind in their diversity. Because they all are manufactured by master craftsmen and exclusively made of pine wood. with loving attention to detail. In consistent cooperation with master locksmiths and carpenters. After decades of the tradition of master carpenters and according to individual ideas of our customers. Special plug or electric voltage fields: each of these mills is adjusted to the technical requirements of the respective countries. Thanks to our professionals in the electrician trade, who successfully combine old craftmanship with the modern everyday life.

Tradition you can touch

The spirit of innovation lives here. The sense of true enjoyment of life is lived here. In Kärntnerstrasse 62 in Lienz / East Tyrol, not only have the grinders of the master Waldner biotech GmbH found a home, but also much more. Friendly professional staff, amazed visitors, the seductive scent of pine wood or freshly ground grain, the lovingly compiled wellness and health kits or various baking accessories: everybody feels good here.
Pay us a visit sometime and enjoy the feeling of security from the power of nature.
Let the grains run through your fingers and pamper your soul. With our insider tips and secret recipes about baking bread and healthy eating. We look forward to seeing you!

A strong partner having a healthy attitude

For over 35 years, the company HÄUSSLER has been committing itself to healthy, balanced nutrition and developed state of the art technology in own production and under the most stringent quality standards for domestic and industrial purposes.
The whole world around kneading, baking and making pasta is simply amazed by the technical creations of the Swabian kitchen professionals. We are more than convinced about the baking and kneading technology range made by HÄUSSLER. Some years ago we added to our range of domestic and commercial mills the high quality products from HÄUSSLER such as electric and wood-fired ovens, pasta makers, kneading machines and smoker.

Our reward for all the effort

Waldner biotech products can be found all over the world: whether in Austria, Europe, or Asia, in single households or in the catering sector, in agriculture or the industrial sector. We owe this to you – our loyal baking friends and trading partners. Because you appreciate the value of healthy cuisine and the protected quality of our East Tyrolean domestic and commercial mills. 45 countries. Countless customers. One single achievement. This is the result of more than 25 years of hard work. In terms of humans, nature and technology.