Pasta cutter for pasta machine EMMA or PN 100

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The pasta cutter perfectly completes the pasta machines Emma and PN100 and replaces the previous cutting device. The pasta cutter has been completely redesigned and can now be used for both short and long pasta. You can use it to cut the shortest soup noodles or even spaghetti - and any desired length can be adjusted in between. The design of the cutting knife is also new. It is made of food-safe plastic, cuts the pasta precisely and is gentle on the dies. Even at short intervals, the pasta will stay in good shape. The device is handy, easy to assemble and to clean. A very useful and helpful addition to the pasta machine.
  • Compact, handy, light weight
Easy to handle
  • For short and long pasta
Length adjustable by interval
  • Precision
New knife shape
  • Simple assembling
Elaborated clamping device
  • Almost wear-free
Plastic knife protects the die
  • Modern design
Appealing design


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